Doomsday Asteroid Productions

...because the dinosaurs didn't have websites, and look what happened to them.

FACT: the Earth has never suffered a massive, extinction-level asteroid strike since the advent of the website1. Coincidence? We2 here at Doomsday Asteroid Productions certainly don't think so.

FACT: the United States of America spends more on space observation, exploration and science in one year than anyone has ever spent on a single website in the history of ever3.

NASA annual budget

Average web development budget

1 Totes true. Look outside your window.

2 There may be less than two of us.

3 But if anyone WANTS to spend $19.3 billion on a website, please feel free to send them our way.

Working for a safer tomorrow

We4 here at Doomsday Asteroid Productions are fully committed to do our part to prevent global cataclsym through continued web development. To that end, the deployment of proprietary OMS®™© technology is key to our continued success in protecting YOU5. You're welcome.

JPL astrophysicists whose web dev skills are dope

Doomsday Asteroid web developer(s) who saw both Armageddon and Deep Impact

4 Just took a look around. Seriously, I think I may be the only one here.

5 Our Mad Skillz technology is hella secret, yo.

How have "we" managed to protect Mother Gaia so expertly?

Diligence. Well, diligence and HTML. Alright – diligence, HTML and CSS. FINE; it's diligence, HTML, CSS and Javascripting.

...and Googling things we don't know.

The web developer the world deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Who is the man behind the curtain? The power behind the throne? The spice in the pumpkin? He is Kurt Hanover; but what do we actually know about him? What are his subtle complexities? Who is the MAN?

Not enough O's in smooth.

How Kurt dresses for the office.

Yours is the ONLY project I care about.

Kurt as you tell him about your project.

Mommy! The bad browser touched me!

Kurt as he develops for IE.